A detailed history of the injury will be taken, along side a hands on assessment and clinical testing to produce diagnosis of your injury. Followed by a treatment session to begin working on the problem area and exercise based rehabilitation programme specifically designed for you! 

Initial Injury Assessment  

 60 minutes  -  £40  

Follow Up 

45minutes  -  £30 

A chat about how you have been getting on and if there has been any changes to your injury. A re-assessment of your injury followed by a hands on treatment session, with progressions made to your exercise based rehabilitation programme. 

Sports Massage  

1hr15            Full Body        £40

45 Minutes     1-2 Areas       £30

30 Minutes     1 Area           £25

 What to expect? 

 Soft tissue therapy including: 

Deep tissue massage                                              Soft tissue mobilisations 

Myofascial release                                                 Trigger point release

Active release techniques                                         PNF stretching 

Cupping therapy                                                   Mulligans & Maitland's techniques 

Mobile Treatment  

Travel costs may apply depending on location. When enquiring please include your post code for a quote. Charges apply at 50p per mile after 8 mile.