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Hi, I'm Beth

Rural Rehabilitation began after I left the elite sporting world to open my own clinic. I knew it was time, following three and a half seasons with the Wakefield Trinity Super League Team and previous experience with Bolton Wanderers Football Academy and Huddersfield Town Ladies, to bring the knowledge and skills I’d learned in this highly specialised field to the everyday client

Having graduated from the University of Bolton in 2018 with a first-class honours degree in Sport Rehabilitation, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such prestigious teams. I covered all aspects, from undertaking assessments and treatments, to devising Individual Rehab Plans, and running injury prevention and recovery sessions. I qualified for IMMOFP certification (Immediate Medical Management on the Field of Play), allowing me to treat players pitch-side with the best quality care and assistance. My time in the professional sporting community enabled me to build connections with the best clinical specialists, which still come in useful today when I need to refer clients for further assessments or treatments.  

Rural Rehabilitation Skelmanthorpe Sports Massage

Ensuring the Highest Standards of

Therapy and Treatment

At Rural Rehabilitation, in order to provide clinically safe practice, I work under the BASRaT guidelines (British Association of Sport Rehabilitators and Therapists), ensuring the highest standard of therapy and treatment for my clients. 

Beth Sykes and Mum Horse riding

I’ve always been interested in how the body works; in the musculo-skeletal system, biomechanics of the body and injury prevention and recovery. But when my mum broke her back when I was a teenager, I was able to see just how life-changing this kind of treatment can be. Without the appropriate therapies, my mum faced a future of discomfort and reduced mobility - but through finding the right practitioners, she was able to heal fully and regain her strength. 


I’m pleased to say that to this day, she leads a full and active life - largely thanks to musculo-skeletal treatments and therapies akin to those that I’m now able to offer to my own clients. It also gave me an insight into how important individualised treatment is, and that’s why I’m so passionate about providing my clients with completely bespoke plans.


Rural Rehabilitation Logo Brand mark

Who Do I Work With?

My clients range from drivers to regular gym-goers, rugby players, to office staff - you certainly don’t have to be a sportsperson to benefit from the techniques and services I offer. 


I’m able to offer:

• Rehabilitation following an accident or injury (such as fractures, surgery or joint replacements)

• Help with scar tissue treatment

• Sports injury treatment 

• Sports massage including deep tissue massage, soft tissue manipulation, trigger point therapy, fascial release and active and passive stretching

• Soft tissue injury treatment such as muscle strains and strained ligaments

• Pre-surgery strengthening programmes

• Help with joint problems, arthritis, chronic pain and fibromyalgia

• Help with neck and back pain including sciatic and whiplash treatment.

So, if you’re experiencing an injury or problem that’s hindering your ability to do the things that bring you joy, I want to help.


I’m dedicated to providing the highest quality of treatment to enable you to regain your highest quality of life. 


Experiencing pain and reduced mobility can be miserable and lonely, especially when you can see no chance of improvement. I want to assure you that working together on your individual programme will enable you to achieve your goals.

Happy Sports Team

" Let's work together to get you on the path to a comfortable life doing the activities you love."


Clients Recommend


"After struggling with a shoulder injury for 3 months, I started to visit Beth for physio. She has done an amazing job in helping me to regain movement and ease the pain"


"I've been a client of Beth's for over 18 months. She is very professional and very friendly too. She sorts out my aches and pains so I can continue to do all my activities pain free."

Folk and Jones

"The ache and pain queen! Sports injuries to alignment. Beth is just amazing!."

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