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Injury Rehabilitation

And Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy and rehabilitation consist of movements and physical activities that are used to increase strength and function, and to reduce discomfort.

Exercise therapy is included in your treatment plan if you are having an initial or follow up appointment or as a standalone with one-to-one rehab in the gym to help treat and prevent injuries.

Rural Rehabilitation Skelmanthorpe Exercise Therapy

All rehabilitation and exercise programmes are designed and prescribed on an individual basis.

Your therapy will be a bespoke plan to address your specific circumstances, injuries or issues. Using an App called Rehab Guru, all programmes have visual cues such as images and videos to support you when completing your rehab at home or in the gym.

We work through the programme during your appointment to ensure that the exercises prescribed are appropriate and achievable whilst ensuring you are continuing your progression.

Benefits include:

  • Enabled ambulation

  • Release of contracted muscles, tendons and fascia

  • Mobilised joints

  • Improved muscle strength

  • Improved exercise performance and functional capacity

  • Improved flexibility, coordination and balance

  • Reduced muscle rigidity

  • Improved relaxation

  • Improved circulation and respiratory capacity

Case Study: Client Story

After suffering a high grade 2 ATFL (anterior talofibular ligament) and CFL (calcaneofibular ligament) when falling off the kerb, we applied the PRICE protocol for 48 hours and then

reviewed G.


Using hands-on therapy to reduce the swelling, compression strapping and range of movement exercises, we were able to reduce the swelling and have him weight-bearing within four days. 


Through the use of a progressive loading programme and incremental running, we were able to get G back on track to run the London Marathon – which he completed with a personal best!

 G Thom Review

"I use Beth because her attention to detail and work she carries out is of a high quality. When I fell off a kerb out running and twisted my ankle, the first thing I did was contact Beth, who gave me excellent advice over the phone and got me booked straight in.


Beth is the most knowledgeable therapist I have seen and was able to diagnose my injury, give me a strengthening programme and get me back out running in time to complete my training for the London Marathon, with the confidence that I could complete the 26.2 miles!”

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