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Scar Therapy

Scar treatment for anyone, any scar! 

Every person is unique. Every skin type is unique. Every story is unique. Every scar is unique!

Therefore, every Scar therapy Plan we offer is unique for you and your scar. 


We treat an array of scars including orthopaedic scars, knee and hip replacement scars, shoulder reconstruction scars, cosmetic surgery scars, thyroid scars, neck cancer scars and c-section scars. If it’s a scar, we can treat it!


Major or minor surgery, accidents, or trauma can often result in scars. Through listening to you and your story and by treating many different clients and scars, we understand that scars can affect your physical and mental health at times. At Rural Rehab, we are passionate about assisting you, to reduce your pain, pulling, tightness, overhangs, or the appearance of your scar.


You are always in charge of your treatment sessions and will be informed every step of the way of what treatments we are offering.

​Treatment Therapies Used:​

  • Manual scar massage techniques

  • Acupuncture (if clinically indicated- to help break down and adhesions under the scar)

  • Scar Suction cups (if clinically indicated - to help lift and separate the tissue structures) 

  • Taping 

  • Scar products (such as gels, silicone sheets and oils)

What to Expect

Your Scar Therapy Assessment will include a full in-depth history of you and your scar, as well as a  physical assessment of your movement; to see how the scar restricts you or how the scar changes as you move.


We will select the best course of treatment to use for the most effective scar changes. Throughout your treatment, we will constantly assess and see how the scar is responding and make any changes required. 

Scar therapy is not painful, if you were to experience any discomfort during your treatment, let your therapist know and changes will be made to your treatment. 

Following the hand on treatment, a unique scar rehab plan will be created for you using our expert knowledge and skills of the human body and scar recovery to aid your scar recovery. Your scar rehab plan will include advice and guidance on self-scar massage and a movement / exercise programme.  


New or Old?

We work on scars from 6 weeks old / post-op when all stitches / staples have been removed and are fully healed.


But there are product you can use on your scar from 2-4 weeks old such as Naqi Repair Oil to help the scar have optimal healing. 

Scars take up to 2 years to fully mature and heal, but that doesn’t stop us. We have treated scars up to 27 years old!


Having great impacts on the scar itself and the physical and mental health of you, our client. However, it is important to note that in older scars it will take longer for changes and improvements to show especially from 5-10yrs old. 

It is important to note that we cannot make a scar disappear, it’s a scar for life. However, we can help with its appearance and your comfort & confidence. 


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