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Clinic Prices and Booking Information

Initial Consultation

60 min

from £50

What to expect

  • A full detailed history taken of your medical background and injury

  • Hands-on assessment and diagnosis

  • Appropriate treatment and Individual Rehab Programme devised (home and/or gym based)

  • Education on your injury 

  • Plan put in place for continued treatment.

50% deposit required on booking.

Scar Therapy Initial Assessment

60 min


What to expect

  • Full assessment of breathing patterns, posture / alignment, any abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti)

  • Discuss medical history and your concerns/ goals are for your scar and propose a treatment plan to meet your needs.

  • Manually palpate your scar to understand your scar tissue in more depth and will provide some treatment during this session. 

  • Show you some self-massage techniques for you to continue between sessions.

Follow Up Consultation

45 min

from £40

What to expect: 

  • Review of injury ongoing symptoms 

  • Reassessment

  • Appropriate treatment

  • Progression of Individual Rehab Programme (home and/or gym based).

10% Discount for Block Bookings

Scar Therapy Follow-Up

45 min


What to expect

  • Repeat assessment of any problem areas found in your initial assessment 

  • Discuss your scar progression and check on what your concerns/ goals are for your scar. 

  • Continuation of planned treatment making any adaptations if needed.

1:1 Rehab

45 min

from £50

What to expect: 

  • Individual Rehab Programme provided, delivered and progressed

  • 1:1 basis

  • Complete in the gym with me during your appointment

You’ll then be able to take away your programme for you to replicate in the gym and at home to help your recovery between appointments.

10% Discount for Block Bookings


50 min

from £50

What to expect: 

  • Full history taken of your medical background 

  • An assessment of your ongoing symptoms when applicable

  • Appropriate selection of Acupuncture points to use for your described symptoms / condition 

  • Application of needles and hands-on treatment to surrounding areas where appropriate

  • Education of acupressure points to use at home between sessions

  • Plan put in place for continued treatment.

Package Deals:

10% Discount for Block Bookings

Please note that block bookings are to be paid in full at time of booking.

Blocks of 3 appointments to be used within 3 months, blocks of 5 appointments to be used within 5 months.

Failure to use your appointments within these time frames will result in the loss of any unused appointments.

 T&C’s apply. 

45 mins

from £40

Back and / or legs

75 mins

from £60

Full Body (50% deposit required on booking)

Additional Treatments and Equipment

Mini Band


Resistance Band: 1.5m length


Strapping - Kinesiology, Dynamic or Zinc/EAB strapping

additional £10

Cancellation Policy

We are a small business and want to help as many people as possible to be pain free. 

Our cancellation policy therefore exists to protect against loss of time and income and to ensure we have sufficient time to offer your appointment to someone else in the event of cancellation.


If you cancel your appointment within 24hrs of your agreed booking, then a 50 % charge of your appointment fee will be charged.

On the day cancellation or Failure to attend your agreed booking will require payment in full.


Clients Recommend


"100% recommend Beth.


She's immensely helpful with my back pain and getting me back to doing what I love!"


"I cannot recommend Beth highly enough. I had a severe lower back injury, 2 weeks before I was due to go skiing. Thanks to Beth's excellent treatment and the exercises she sent me, I was full able to enjoy skiing."


"Beth worked wonders on my back, shoulders and legs! I ride racehorses for a living so my body has been through a lot but I always feel so much better after a session with Beth!"

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