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Client Case Studies



H Pears' Story

Harry sustained a left hip dislocation after having an unfortunate fall from his bike whilst riding a downhill mountain bike track and colliding with a tree on 23rd July 2023

Harry had surgery to reduce the dislocation and had an external fixation fitted for 8 weeks, to ensure that the hip remained in place to give it the best chance of healing. From wheelchair, to Zimmer frame and then onto crutches, his mobility progressed. On removal of the external fixation, Harry had a lot of hard work to do! 

The crutches remained for a little while allowing Harry to increase his confidence in his hip and develop some strength back in his leg. The early stages of Harrys rehab was completed solely by Sheffield Childrens hospital, we were involved when the external fixation was removed and we could provide more regular 1-1 Rehabilitation sessions to supplement the work done by Sheffield Childrens. 

We started with activation work of his Quad’s / Hamstrings / Glutes and Core over a 6 week programme. Progressing onto balance and proprioception work for a further 4-6 weeks in addition to the progression of his strength work. 

We are not at the end of the road yet but we are continuing to push on and get back to play sport this summer!!


Keep Watching…

G Tibbs' Story

Suffered fractures to her 7th and 8th Thoracic vertebra on 1st Jan 2023 after falling from a horse.

Georgina preferred to use private 1-1 Rehabilitation opposed to NHS Physiotherapy. We started with home rehabilitation from 17th Jan for several weeks with several sessions a week, building her mobility back up and working within her pain range. Learning to stand and walk again unaided due to the pain in her back, simple day to day tasks were very difficult!


We incorporated 6 weeks of hydrotherapy (exercises in a pool) building her confidence with the removal of the fear of falling, to continue developing her mobility and starting to build her strength.

Progressing onto land rehab to continue her strength development starting with activation exercises and slowly progressing onto static strength and then dynamic strength work.


As you can see its been a long process over a year of hard work that has had its ups and downs. But Georgina is now back at the gym completing her routine PT sessions, out hiking on a weekend with her family/friends and dogs and has plans of completing the marathon that she had entered last year but was unable to partake in!! Watch this space…



C Scott's Story

After injuring his knee at work, C was discharged from the hospital with a clear x-ray and on crutches. 


On day two after his injury, following my clinical assessment, I diagnosed him with a high-grade 2 MCL sprain and placed him in a knee brace to immobilise and stabilise the knee.


We had two treatment sessions per week for three weeks, then moved to weekly appointments for a further six weeks. 


We focused on reducing swelling and gaining a range of movement within the first few weeks and then progressed to building strength through the knee and surrounding areas through a home rehab programme.


After completing everything I set him to do, and following my guidance, C is now back out playing 5-a-side football every week, walking the dogs and working a manual job with no issues through his knee.


He has regular maintenance treatments for both his knee and back with frequent check-ins.


“After injuring my knee at work as a tree surgeon, when a branch snapped and I swung into the tree, Beth has been able to help me get back to full fitness and playing football again.


When I left the hospital, I was told that it was just soft tissue damage and given crutches to use for a while. I rang Beth and she came straight out to see me.


She told me that I had damaged the ligament on the inside of my knee and that putting me in a brace would help improve my recovery, so she strapped my knee and ordered a brace. I had regular treatments with Beth where she kept checking my progress and increasing the range of movement I had with my brace on, and giving me exercises to do through the week.


When the brace came offI felt nervous for how my knee would feel, but Beth made sure that everything I was doing was fine for me to do. I am now back at work full time, going to the gym, playing footballand going out walking.


Huge thanks to Beth for helping me.”

"Absolutely fantastic. Works wonders and I can’t recommend highly enough."

Dave Reilly - Ironman

"Event riding is very demanding on the body and without Beth’s expert knowledge and treatments I wouldn’t be able to compete at 5* level. She is a vital part to my team and always puts herself out to ensure I am at my peak."

Kristina Hall-Jackson - KHJ Eventing

T Field's Story

T had a full assessment and history taken of her symptoms, which allowed me to diagnose her problems straight away.


After having her second child, who has a physical disability, she has actually been carrying him around for the past two years, beyond what you may usually expect.


This has led to an imbalance through her hips and extra pressure constantly being placed on one side, due to repetition and compensation. She was suffering from extreme muscle tension in her lower back and into her glute muscles, which was causing sciatic-like symptoms but with no spinal involvement.


Through deep tissue massage, acupuncture and exercise therapy, over eight weeks we have been able to eliminate all of her symptoms and even start to strengthen her body.


Additionally, due to adjusting how she carries her son, it has also aided his development which is an added positive.


"I have been struggling for several years on and off with sciatica and a bad back after having my second child.


A friend recommended I go to see Beth and I am so glad I booked the appointment.


After the first treatment I felt a huge improvement; Beth put me at ease, explained everything she was doing and told me why I was having these symptoms.


She gave me some exercises to do at home and advice for how to change the reasons that my symptoms had started. I have had several appointments now and love going to see Beth.


would recommend her to anyone struggling with back and nerve pain!"


Clients Recommend


"I had my first session with Beth yesterday and can highly recommend her. I was impressed by her knowledge and her ability to explain how she was going to treat me.
I left with a lot more movement and exercises to support my treatment."
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